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programme and project management

Our dedicated team are leading experts in the running of large, complex digital transformation programmes for the public sector – especially for local authorities but also covering housing, central government, health and social care, third sector and more.

We can support you through delivering:

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Portfolio management

Prioritising and controlling your programmes and projects to meet strategic objectives and capacity to deliver.

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Programme management

Guiding you through the dynamic environment of change in order to refine and refocus strategic objectives and directions.

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Waterfall project management

Delivering a structured process with distinct phases that are completed in order, with no phase moving forward until the prior one has been approved.

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Agile project management

Through an iterative approach, delivering your project over its entire lifecycle, with multiple iterations or incremental stages leading to its completion.

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Project management office (PMO)

Defining and maintaining the standards of the project management of your organisation.

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Benefits management

Identifying, defining, planning, monitoring and achieving your desired benefits as set out by the project or programme.

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Risk management

Identifying, analysing, evaluating and addressing potential losses and monitoring risk control and financial impact of those losses on your organisation.

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Programme assurance

Supporting you to objectively evaluate a project’s success by assessing whether user needs are fulfilled and if the advantages of the project outweigh its expenditures.

How we will benefit you

We have expertise and experience in the running of large, complex digital transformation programmes and have clear methodologies for running both waterfall and agile programmes. Our deep experience cuts across all types of digital transformation programmes – from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations through to service design approaches for customer access routes, through to management projects covering integrated care.

And the majority of our programmes start at the discovery phase and run through to post go-live, which means we have an optimal view of how you can identify, measure and deliver benefits in digital programmes.

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What do our customers think?

"They demonstrated first-hand experience of multiple ERP implementations, allowing Socitm Advisory to leverage that expertise to add significant value and clarity to our planning and resourcing."

Stuart Honeyball
Wiltshire Council

"Socitm Advisory's consultants worked closely with us through some of the due diligence phases... and our Executive Director for Place, and Digital Services team to provide a high level assessment."

Marco Reece-Heal
Midlothian Council

"Socitm Advisory ensured that in evaluating the options going forward that we understood the size and complexity of the project from the outset."

Christina Thompson
London Borough of Lambeth

"The work with the team enabled us to gain new insights on our service offer and on the back of this we have been able to develop a new approach and identify key priority areas for action."

Marion Ingleby
Durham County Council

"The skills they brought particularly assisted us in ensuring we identified, managed and mitigated risks and issues effectively and that they were constantly user review."

Lee Alexander
Durham County Council

"To have both challenge and support from Socitm Advisory has been very helpful as we move through our programme. A great partner to have."

Debbie Beck
Norfolk County Council

"The engagement work across the organisation... has ensured that people are aware of the changes and what they need to do to use the system... learning material is there for all to refer to."

Jason Martin
London Borough of Lambeth

"As part of the business integration role, Socitm Advisory also led the adoption and change workstream, which was critical to aid the acceptance of new ways of working for council staff."

Carol Williams
Walsall Council

"During their assurance role the Socitm Advisory consultants provided a professional and a very supporting critical friend role to the programme team."

Lee Alexander
Durham County Council

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