What we offer as part of
organisational development

We have a number of services to underpin your organisational effectiveness and performance that will align your people to the ‘golden thread’ of your organisation. From great leadership to honing just the right culture, we will support you every step of the way.

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Leadership and team development

Tailored to your particular organisations needs and situation, and underpinned by a robust grounding in organisational psychology. Our programmes cover topics such as psychological safety and supporting leaders to navigate increasingly complex environments.

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Organisation design

Working with you to ensure your structure, processes and customer journeys work in harmony to ensure organisational effectivness and achieve your objectives, from vision and strategy to whole target operating model design.

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Culture change

Taking a holistic approach to culture change, and understanding that it is so much broader than a set of values. Looking widely at behaviours, leadership, organisational artefacts and more to build a true picture of your culture and opportunities to shift it.

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Transformation capability assessment

As pat of our organisational development diagnostic stage, we can run an initial assessment to understand your capability for change, so that any interventions are effective and achieve results.

How we will benefit you

Our values-based approach enables us to ensure your organisation design effectively enabled your strategy, through our bespoke set of tools and methodologies. We ensure that your organisation culture is consistent and works to support the aims identified for successful outcomes. We also give focus to ensure that everything we do as part of our organisational development is underpinned by your values.

Our experiences consultants ensure that your teams and leaders are engaged and aligned to your organisation’s vision and are kept in the loop with communications and engagement throughout your programme. We also ensure that your leaders feel equipped to navigate an increasingly complex external environment.

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