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"Socitm Advisory played an instrumental role within the programme. It's important to note that within the programme we were very much always pushed in the same direction to succeed so it was very much a partnership approach. It meant that when we were looking at solution design we had Socitm Advisory colleagues working closely to our solution and how that change was required to be implemented in Lambeth."

Jason Martin
London Borough of Lambeth

"I found the support invaluable, particularly the in depth knowledge and awareness not just of the ERP market and technologies, but also of the complexities of local government."

Stuart Honeyball
Wiltshire Council

"The engagement work across the organisation... has ensured that people are aware of the changes and what they need to do to use the system... learning material is there for all to refer to."

Jason Martin
London Borough of Lambeth

"They worked seamlessly with our systems integrator, Evosys, to deliver stakeholder engagement and user education training, responding to the developing needs of staff at every turn."

Christina Thompson
London Borough of Lambeth

"The depth and breadth of experience, combined with the credibility that the individuals bring to the table, has been extremely valuable particularly for senior stakeholder engagement."

Debbie Beck
Norfolk County Council

“Working with Socitm Advisory has felt seamless and easy. They have a well-developed approach to contact, allowing multiple channels of communication.”

Robert Parkin
Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority

“The new kit we have is a Godsend, especially working from home - and ability to contact the team and communications we get from IT are infinitely better than before, so thank you.”

Staff Member
National Lottery Heritage Fund

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