Dedicated wellbeing representatives

We have a team of Mental Health First Aiders and a wider group of over 10 Wellbeing and Menopause Champions. These are colleagues who are passionate and dedicated to creating a happy, healthy and human place to work.

Collage showing images from left to right one of our directors speaking to a colleague at a networking event, our colleagues in Manchester sitting together following a workshop, and our colleagues playing tug of war at the ERP today awards 2021

"Mental health has alway been something I'm passionate about. Socitm Advisory allowed me to not only support my colleagues, but also gain my certification as a Mental Health First Aider."

Rachael McKenzie
Senior Creative Designer (Socitm Advisory)

"I was initially a bit worried joining a remote organisation, but Socitm Advisory are so dedicated to making sure our wellbeing is looked after with regular opportunities to get together."

Rachael McKenzie
Senior Creative Designer (Socitm Advisory)

Our key areas of focus in wellbeing

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Mental wellbeing

Our mental wellbeing team and Mental Health First Aiders are dedicated to providing a secure, confidential and sympathetic atmosphere to foster the mental health of everyone at Socitm Advisory. Mental wellbeing encompasses various aspects, and we encourage people to talk openly about their feelings, how they are managing, and other difficult topics.

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Social wellbeing

Our social wellbeing team works to promote feelings of belonging, social inclusion, and stability. They strive to create plenty of chances for colleagues and managers to build relationships, and make sure that everyone at Socitm Advisory feels welcomed and part of the team, and ensure that everyone feels respected as an individual, peer, and team member.

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Physical wellbeing

Our physical wellbeing team strive to provide our colleagues with opportunities to focus on and learn about their bodies and health, promoting active lifestyles and daily maintenance for physical wellbeing, as well as relaxation.

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We are a Menopause friendly workplace and are currently working towards accreditation. We have Menopause trainers who deliver education to all colleagues and our Menopause champions support colleagues and ensure our Menopause policy remains current and effective.

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Financial wellbeing

Our financial wellbeing team collaborates with external specialists to offer our colleagues trusted financial guidance. They strive to assist and advise on financial matters, such as budgeting and saving, planning, pensions, retirement and more.

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