The challenge

Lewisham are in the process of delivering a digital transformation programme which includes deploying and adopting Microsoft 365 (M365), which will introduce new ways of working and transform how their users collaborate and manage their information, by introducing a set of new Cloud collaboration services. The customer required a review and subsequent recommended approach for the adoption and change management of the new capabilities M365 provides.

The benefits

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A Business Change Plan identifying pain points, and how they will be addresses by Microsoft 365

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A change, communications and training strategy to maximise the adoption of Microsoft 365 and the new ways of working it provides

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A Microsoft 365 prioritised roadmap for deployment and to help set expectations, and show dependencies for delivering Microsoft 365 capability

The approach

Through a series of Discovery workshops with the Lewisham team, we have helped to identify and define the steps Lewisham should take. We then defined how the steps should be planned and delivered to achieve the potential of an information governance strategic project. The implementation will be performed as two streams – Value Stream and Deployment Stream. The Value Stream will focus on the ‘to be’ environment and Future Mode of Operation (FMO).

The Deployment Stream will focus on migrating mailboxes and users’ home directories to the new platform. At the end of the programme, Lewisham will be able to provide a strategy for the implementation, a deployment plan and the costs involved in this deployment.

“Socitm Advisory’s knowledge and experience in delivering Microsoft 365 has been instrumental in shaping the delivery of the programme and being able to identify and mitigate potential issues.”

Atika Mohammed, Interim head of PMO, London Borough of Lewisham

The outcome

We developed:

  • A Business Change Plan containing: change management, communications and engagement, and training strategies, that identified M365 functionality and new ways of working to address the users pain points
  • A policy review containing information governance recommendations for security and compliance (including access, GDPR, retention)
  • A deployment plan with options for phased prioritised delivery
  • A costed proposal for overall programme management and the adoption and change management element of the M365 Programme