This non-ministerial department needed to change their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Their existing system was reaching the end of its life and they wanted to upgrade to a better one with improved functionality.

The first aspect they were seeking help with was requirements gathering. They needed a specialist advisory service to help them understand the exact requirements of their change project.

The second part was process mapping, i.e. to understand what the benefits of the new system would be.

Our project brief and goals

For the requirements gathering, the client wanted to understand:

  • What the requirements should look like
  • What had to be covered on the technical side

And for the process mapping, they wanted help with:

  • Completing ‘as-is’ process mapping and ‘to be’ mapping
  • Understanding exactly what the benefits of the new system would be
  • Understanding what the impact of the changes would be
  • How they could see if the design of the new system would deliver those benefits

Our approach

We provided the department with our best-practice standard requirements templates.

Our consultants also ran a series of workshops with them to work through the detail of what their department required and didn’t require in their specific context. This included functional specific workshops (e.g. to represent finance requirements), but also cross-cutting workshops to capture technical and reporting requirements, for example.

We went on to work with them in the procurement of their system, where they chose Workday.

After they selected the system, we supported them with the process mapping. We looked at their ‘as is’ mapping and then explored what their ‘to be’ could look like, i.e. what are the major benefits they would get from the change in their processes? The mapping in these areas helped the department to understand (at a high level) what some of the changes would be and their impact, as well as the benefits of the new system. 

We used the expertise of a Workday specialist to enhance the service we provided for the department. And all our work was aligned with the Government Design Principles and overall Shared Services Strategy outlined by government.

Outcomes and benefits

The project ran smoothly, and the non-ministerial department went on to successfully implement their Workday system.

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